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Probate Lawyer & Estate Planning Attorney in Eagle County, CO

The world can throw you unimaginable curveballs that upset even the most carefully crafted plans. In such a topsy-turvy world, it is imperative to try to control what we can, so we can face the unanticipated difficulties that life brings with a clear heart and mind. Nowhere is this more true than the critical end-of-life decisions we’ll all eventually face.

What will happen if you’re in an accident and can no longer make your own medical decisions? What do you want to happen to your property after you die? Do you have children or relatives you want to take care of once you’re gone? Do you have a plan in place, in case the worst happens, and your minor children are left without parents? As unpleasant as it may be to think about estate planning, we all know nothing is guaranteed and we should try to plan ahead if the worst happens. In short, no matter how secure we believe the future is, we all need proper estate planning.

As an estate planning attorney serving Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek Counties, CO, Attorney Melissa Decker has assisted countless clients with these sorts of issues. Based on this experience, she will work with you to ensure that your wishes and desires will be honored when you can no longer guarantee it yourself. From a simple will or durable power of attorney for medical decision making, to a living will for end-of-life decisions, to the most complex trust matters, Attorney Decker, a top estate planning attorney in Eagle County, CO, will assist you in ensuring that you, your loved ones, and your estate will be taken care of into the future.

If your loved one has passed, what’s next? Is there a will? Is there no will? In situations in which someone leaves behind just a will or leaves behind no will at all, you’ll hear people start talking about “probate.” Probate is a challenging paperwork and accounting process that is often required to wrap-up a person’s affairs (satisfying outstanding debts and gathering up all assets), before a deceased person’s assets can be distributed to their heirs or relatives. If you find yourself facing probate proceedings, you need a probate lawyer, Attorney Decker, a probate lawyer practicing in Eagle County, Summit County, Lake County and Clear Creek County, can help. Attorney Decker prides herself at helping grieving families by shouldering this paperwork burden for them. 

Be prepared with the help of an estate planning attorney, and don’t delay in contacting a probate lawyer when the time comes. You have an exceptional resource for these legal issues in Eagle County, CO with Attorney Decker.

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