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Bankruptcy Attorney in Colorado

Are your medical bills piling up? Has the pandemic set you so far back financially that you can’t recover? Are late fees and penalties piling up, pushing you further into debt every day? Are you afraid to answer the phone or open the mailbox because it’s just going to be another bill collector threatening you? Have you considered consulting with a Colorado bankruptcy attorney?

Unfortunately, you are not alone. Financial hardship can hit anyone for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person but, like millions before you (including such luminaries as Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, and Willie Nelson), there is a way out of the stress and strain of financial ruin: filing for bankruptcy.

Through bankruptcy, you can get rid of your debt, you can get rid of your stress, and you can get your life back on track. Based on her extensive experience, bankruptcy attorney Melissa. Decker will help you navigate the complex, often confusing, and always stressful bankruptcy process from the critical information gathering stage through the ultimate discharge of your debts, all the while providing you calm, reassuring representation that will bring you the peace of mind you crave.

You deserve a fresh start. Attorney Decker, a leading bankruptcy attorney serving Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek Counties, CO, is ready to help you get there.

Attorney Decker’s bankruptcy practice is limited to personal, Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

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